About Najmstore

NAJMSTORE is the multitouch applications onlinestore of Najmtek dedicated to laptops. This store will welcome all the applications that will be developped with our free SDK. On Najmstore, you can upload your applications for free or not, to share them with other users.

Najmstore is the online corecenter of multitouch applications for laptops. All you need for your laptop, to optimize its use, is on the store:

web2 communication2 utilities2 office2 videosound2 education2
Web Communication
Utilities Office Multimedia Education
 news2  imaging2 games2 development2 entertainment2   dream1
News Imaging Games Development  Entertainment and so more

What make us different from the others: our willingness to easy your life and your everyday tasks. Multitouch technology will not only make your life easy but also give more dynamism to one of the most important tool in your life.

Live better with your laptop thanks to Najmstore and its UBook!


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